Prego Restaurant: The Quintessential Italian Culinary Haunt in Floreat Park, WA

Address: 440 Cambridge Stm Floreat Park, WA

Phone: (08) 9287 2700


Cuisine: Italian

Want to turn your gastronomic experience into something of an occasion minus that intimidation factor? Then it is time to walk into the Prego Restaurant situated in Floreat Park, WA.  The atmosphere inside the restaurant buzzes with plenty of excitement and you will certainly feel welcomed here the moment you step into this place and place an order for your favorite Italian cuisine.

Prego has an almost a homey feeling which is why you feel completely at home here. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is abuzz with plenty of excitement as patrons indulge in the fine Italian treats here. It is almost like crashing into a fabulous party with lots of Italian menu options available.

The waiters are friendly and the restaurant is full of the sweet aromas of Italian gastronomy emanating from the kitchen. This will tease your appetite early on before you even decide on what to eat. Once you smell it, you know you are in for an unforgettable food experience.  It is a nice place for families too and you will find lots of families enjoying the great treats offered at this international restaurant chain. Although as early stated, you will not be intimidated at all once you get in and experience the welcoming atmosphere here.

Once you settle into the menu at the Prego, you will really be spoilt for choice. There are a great many Italian treats that you can choose from such as the Mediterranean Falafel which you can order for a pocket friendly $14.50. Other menu options include the Calamari Fritti, Melanzane Al Forno, Prego Antipasto, and Tortelloni which is a house-made Tortelloni that has been filled with Asparagus and Leek and it is served here with Basil Sugo and Tomato. You can check out the complete Prego menu options at

If you are unfamiliar with Italian cuisine, Prego has mercifully included brief descriptions of the various menu options at so you will certainly know what you are ordering. Additionally the prices are displayed on the website and they are quite pocket-friendly. The most expensive menu item, Scampi E Gamberoni costs only $37.90. Lemonades, juices and tea are very affordably priced at Prego.

The restaurant menu options have been perfectly crafted and provide a glorious area to go on a culinary exploration if you love Italian cuisine. The food here are such a delight that it will make your heart sing. Apart from the wonderful culinary experience, the service at Prego is truly impeccable. The staff is highly efficient but also quite personable and friendly.

Every dish that you will have here is a true standout. The service is excellent and even though the restaurant is upmarket, it is completely unpretentious. They say that they do want to impress you; they simply want to make you happy through their culinary delights. You will leave the place with a full tummy and a broad smile on your face! For more details, visit