Support Groups for Herpes: What Are They?

Herpes support groups have existed over the past, with sole intention to provide an environment where people with herpes can freely share their experiences. Herpes support groups are sometimes referred as help support groups. They are closely related to social health associations. In the present most people rarely meet for herpes support groups but have advanced to the social media. They have created online sites where people with herpes can air their experiences.  These sites do not use the disease name but they make names that imply something different or fancy. Some use names like:

  • Friends
  • H club
  • Bay area friends

Others on Facebook use secret names for their groups and it may be hard to identify them but they exist. Most of the people who are in these sites do not like their personal information known. They create new email accounts, Facebook accounts in an effort for privacy.

Cure for herpes

Herpes being a sexually transmitted disease brings an itching feeling that leaves one scratching the genitals.  Is there a cure for herpes? No there is no cure for herpes. What many clinical trials have tested are vaccines that can be used to treat the spread of herpes. For first-time people infected with herpes, they can easily get medication. For recurrent outbreaks, they need to visit the clinic regularly and keep the infected area always clean. Herpes is an infection brought through sexual activity with an infected person especially genital herpes. It can also be acquired through open skins or mouth. Genital herpes can be prevented by:

  • Avoiding sexual intercourse until all the ulcers and blisters have cleared up
  • Try not to share towels with other people and other things that involve coming into contact with the infected area.
  • Keeping clean infected areas and covered.

Is Sex possible with herpes?

Herpes sex is possible where both parties decide to use protective measures such as use of a condom. Another way to ensure that there is no possibility of sex is by abstinence. The partners can keep each other informed about their infection. When the symptoms flare up then they should avoid sex because at this time the virus is most contagious. Some of the genital symptoms for one to know if infected with herpes are:

  • Haemorrhoids
  • Pimples
  • Bites that are itchy
  • Feeling like razor burns

Unprotected sex

Is it safe to have unprotected sex when you have herpes? It is not safe to have unprotected sex and have full enjoyment while infected with herpes. It will increase the risk of getting infected.  One can discuss the issue with the partner and engage in sex using condom.  This is not a guarantee that the other person cannot get infected but it reduces its spread to a minimum. Other methods include:

  • Use of dental dam for mouth prevention
  • Ensuring the infected part is clean.
  • Also try it slow

In conclusion, herpes is a virus that can be spread through open skin and through sex. It has no cure but protective treatment. For more facts, just visit us here at