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Tactics of Identifying and Dealing with Termites Infestation

Termites are destructive household insects that cause damage worth billions of dollars on a yearly basis. They majorly consume wood, papers, filtration systems, and liners of the swimming pool. Sometimes, they can injure living shrubs and trees, but they are primarily secondary invaders of wooded plants that are on the verge of declining. During the process of purchasing or selling a home, termite infestation report is a mandatory consideration. Termite pest control in Gold Coast is effective when it is left to the experienced and highly trained professional.

Signs of a termite infested home

When winged termites are discovered indoors, it is an explicit confirmation of infestation and homeowners are supposed to start the treatment and control process. Termites resemble ants hence can create confusion. They both swarm during the same season of the year. However, termites have straight antennae, equal-sized and uniform waist and wings while ants possess elbowed antennae, constricted forewings, and waist that are a bit elongated than hind wings. When winged termites are identified emerging from the foundation wall, patios, or adjoining porches, it is a confirmation that the house is infested and requires some treatment.

Other signals of infestation include earthen tubes, which can have a thickness of a pencil and extend over the surface of foundation walls, sill plates, support piers, and floor joists. Homeowners should break the earthen tubes to find out if the infestation is active. The termites will appear small and creamy-white after breaking the tube. Their cryptic natures make identification of termite infestations a difficult task. Therefore, a keen eye for details and precision during the process of detection is imperative.

Benefits of hiring a competent termite inspector

Eliminating termites from the home is not an easy task and requires special abilities. A professional who has the exceptional understanding of building construction can identify critical areas that are likely to allow entry of termites. Knowledgeable and reliable experts who handle termite pest control in Gold Coast are equipped with specialized tools and equipment like masonry drills, soil treatment rods, large capacity tanks, and pumps. It is worth noting that the treatment may require hundreds of gallons of termiticide, which is injected along the foundation, between the foundation walls, and under concrete slabs.

Termite treatment methods

Termites are killed using either liquids or baits, and sometimes a combination of the two. Liquid termiticides provide a long-term chemical barrier that prevents termites in the ground from accessing the buildings. Eventually, they die since they can neither access the soil nor enter the building. Nowadays, chemicals such as Premise, Phantom, and Termidor kill the termites instead of repelling them. Non-repellent chemicals have proved to be reliable and efficient.

Termite baits comprise of cardboard, palatable food, and cardboards that contain a slow-acting product toxic to termites. The baits can be installed under the ground out in the garden. They can also be positioned indoors over active earthen tubes. Termite pest control in Gold Coast should incorporate baiting, chemicals, and home remedy strategies to deal with the destructive household insects with finality.

Why invest in professional dog walkers

Countless studies have outlined the importance of relying on a dog walker to train and exercise dogs. Low life expectancy, boredom, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and obesity are few negative effects resulting from lack of exercises. Formulating your dog’s daily walking schedule enhances its healthy energy and habits and also helps maintain acceptable behaviors for a happy life. Dogs are naturally made to explore new adventure by walking and roaming their immediate environment. Sadly, most dogs today spend the better part of the day in their little kennel. Even if the owners love them, they lack time to take the dogs for a walk. Below are benefits of dog training and walking by Salty Dawg, Dog Walkers Sydney has to offer.

Enhances weight control

A dog with excessive weight is an unhealthy dog. Apart from regulating the diet of your dog, you should ensure your dog have regular exercise. Again, a healthy and fit dog is beautiful to look at. Its body is sleek and its muscles strong. To remain strong and fit, muscles and lungs require regular exercise. Most dogs experience health issues because they have excessive weight. Regular walks will support the digestive health and help in relieving constipation. It will also keep the dog limber, agile and fit.

Helps alleviate hyperactivity and destructive behavior

Using your pup to hit the pavement may help eliminate or reduce destructive scavenging, digging or chewing. Just like kids, dogs find something to do if they have nothing to do. Regular evening walk by Salty Dawg, Dog Walkers Sydney has today can help alleviate stored energy helping the dog feel relax at bedtime.

Mental wellbeing

Your dog was not made to sleep the whole day and do nothing. It is an intelligent animal with senses that are keen and it can use the senses for hunting and scavenging. Taking the dog out daily offers it the opportunity to engage its mind and use its senses.


Dogs that exercise regularly are healthier and fitter than the ones that do not. They therefore live for a long time. As the dog ages, the joints weaken making it very imperative to keep muscles strong so as to offer support to the joints and enable the dog get around for long. Instead of intense exercise once every week, consider moderate daily exercises.

Sheer enjoyment

I may sound absurd to apply human emotions to animals. However, it is certain that taking a dog for a walk makes it very happy. You will notice that as you get the dog ready to go for a walk, it will show excitement by jumping up and down playfully. You will also see contentment in their faces when they return home!

The above are only few benefits of hiring Salty Dawg, Dog Walkers Sydney has today. Dog walk does not have to be long. Undertaking moderate exercises for only thirty minutes may be enough. You do not have to walk your dog for one or several days in a week, as it will feel frustrated during the days it has to remain indoors. Organize with the dog walker to have the dog go out every day. This will ensure your best friend is always happy and healthy.